Grease Trap Treatment

Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment contains beneficial bacteria to effectively dissolve fats, oils, grease and food residue within the grease trap and surrounding plumbing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Apply and leave
  • Contains beneficial bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps Plumbing systems clean
  • Helps to prevent drain flies
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment is a simple, effective and economical trap cleaner that dissolves fats and oils within kitchen traps. Efficient grease trap cleaning products can also be useful on the surrounding plumbing system around the trap. Typically, the grime would naturally breakdown over time. However, in a busy kitchen environment, the system does not have adequate time for this process to occur. Oil and fat accumulate quickly, so it is essential to clean commercial or residential trap periodically.

With the weekly or daily application of Ecogreen cleaning products, beneficial bacteria can start to work. Our cleaning products degrade the accumulated grime to prevent blockages and sub-sequentially reducing offensive odours. It also eliminates drain flies and reduces the amount of waste. With no harsh or hazardous cleaning chemicals, all types of traps and plumbing systems can use Ecogreen products.

Safe for use around people, plants and pets, Ecogreen trap cleaning products is an environmentally friendly cleaner, providing a responsible approach to the treatment of wastewater and effectively cleaning kitchen plumbing and trap systems.

Scientific Content

Ecogreen has developed a uniquely formulated cleaner. It contains beneficial bacteria specifically selected to eliminate the source of a problem naturally. Unlike conventional cleaning agents, Ecogreen’s products do not contain any harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals while still being effective cleaning treatments.

The enzyme grease trap treatment contains living bacteria which are environmentally friendly. They respond to their surroundings by producing different types of enzymes which degrade organic matter like urine, vomit, faeces and sweat. Enzymes do not have the ability to reproduce or repair themselves and so have a very limited lifespan. As bacteria grow on the available food source, they continually produce new enzymes.

After treating the trap with our grease trap cleaning products, the environment-friendly bacteria begin to degrade the organic matter. They break it down into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water. Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment has additional surfactant that allows the bacteria to adhere to the plumbing, thereby reducing the possibility of a blockage.

The natural bacteria used are highly specialised and can adapt to different environments, allowing it to be utilised in a variety of trap types and sizes. The cleaning agents are useful in a variety of situations, including an oil and grease trap in a sewage treatment plant, and a grease trap in a waste treatment facility, as well as the traditional residential grease trap cleaning.


Apply trap cleaner in measured dosages in the plumbing for effective treatment

Since trap and plumbing systems are not standardised, periodically apply cleaning products for the most efficient residential grease trap cleaning results. Please contact us for specific dosage quantities and further information.

Special Instructions
DO NOT mix with any other cleaning chemicals

For the best results
Treated at the end of the day or when there will be minimum water use.

A Yellow Liquid with a lemon scent.

Shelf Life
Store the trap cleaner away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area. For best results, use within 18 months after production.



Available Sizes

1000litre – Ea/1
10litre – Ea/1
200litre – Ea/1
20litre – Ea/1


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