Ecogreen BioTabs are a simple, effective and economical bioremediation tablet which is designed to improve the quality of wastewater.

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Features & Benefits

  • Drop and leave
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to reduce the solids and sludge
  • Reduces waste and odours
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

Ecogreen BioTabs are a simple, effective and economical bioremediation tablet which is designed to improve the quality of wastewater. When household or commercial chemicals are added to the wastewater systems, they destroy the natural occurring bacteria designed to degrade the sludge and solids from organic waste.

By adding Ecogreen BioTabs to the system, allows the beneficial bacteria in each tablet to shock and improve the system by digesting the organic waste therefore reducing the sludge, solids and offensive odours. With no harsh or hazardous ingredients, Ecogreen BioTabs are ideal for use in wastewater treatment ponds, aquaculture & fish ponds, ornamental ponds, portable toilets, grey water systems, septic tanks, grease traps and much more.

Safe to use around people, plants and pets, Ecogreen BioTabs are an environmentally friendly wastewater solution providing a responsible approach to water remediation.

Scientific Content

Ecogreen BioTabs are highly concentrated tablets comprises of a unique formulation containing specifically selected beneficial bacteria to naturally eliminate the source of the problem. Each tablet contains freeze dried bacteria, oxygen and nutrients essential for the degradation of waste. Once these tablets are rehydrated and activated upon contact with liquid waste. The beneficial bacteria will be slowly released and hydrated at the bottom of the tank or pond where the sludge and waste is most concentrated. These bacteria will seize upon the waste material and continue to digest it until it is depleted and any odour is removed.

The friendly bacteria used are living organisms which respond to their environment by producing different types of enzymes which are capable of degrading a wide variety of organic waste. Enzymes don’t have the ability to reproduce or repair themselves, so enzymes have a very limited life span depending on the environment conditions they are in. As bacteria grow on the available food source, they produce fresh enzymes on a continually basis.

Once the wastewater has been treated with Ecogreen BioTabs, the friendly bacteria begin to degrade the organic matter breaking it down into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water. The natural bacteria used is highly specialized, and can adapted to many different environments allowing it to work in many different types of applications.


Drop the required number of tablets to wastewater and leave.

Ecogreen BioTabs are dosed differently depending on the application and size of water.

For an average septic / grey water system using 600l of water per week, dose with 2 x 25mm tablets initially to establish your beneficial bacterial colonies. Use 1 x 25mm tablet per week thereafter to maintain the optimum level of activity.

Special Instructions
DO NOT mix with other chemical cleaning products.

For the best results
Place tablets in wastewater at the end of day or night when water usage is at a minimum.

White solid tablet

Shelf Life
Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 48 months.



Available Sizes

5 x 45mm – Ea/1
8 x 25mm – Ea/1


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